Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hive Scraper Tool 'J ' type  Beekeeping Tools

  • This J hook bee hive tool comes in a J-hook shape that is designed to help you maintain a beehive easily by prying and pulling frames out of the supers.
  • The J-hook end of the tool is inserted beneath the finish and then levered backwards to life the frame with ease and most importantly, without hurting the bees.
  • J-hook hive tool is an excellent upgrade over the standard hive tool.
  • The advantage of a J-hook is that there is less risk of breaking the rebated lip on your hive body.
  • One end serves as a scraper for removing burr comb, cracking hive bodies apart and prying open queen cage.
  • The J-hook end is used for lifting out frames by slipping the tool between frames, turning the tool and using the heel of the hook to level against the top bar of an adjacent frame.
  • Our J-hook has a shallower angle than the Maxant tool which means it is easier to initially slip between the frames ends.
  • This tool is almost 285mm to 290mm long.

For Colorful Tools US$ 1.99/- will be Extra Charge.

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